Space: To infinity and beyond!

Directions:  Click on the links below to explore the galaxy in which we live.

1. Can you name the planets in our galaxy?
2. What is the greatest source of energy in our galaxy?
3. This source of energy affects the earth in many ways.  Choose one way and tell me more.
4.  The planets are divided into inner and outer planets. Tell me one way they are different?
5.  Test your knowledge.  Can you tell me which planets are inner planets and which ones are outer planets?
6. What divides the inner planets from the outer planets?
7. Our galaxy has a special name. Can you remember it?
 8. Let's talk about our planet.  Is Earth an inner or outer planet?
 9. How many moons does Earth have?
10. Click on the link. Choose science, then choose the solar system movie and watch the movie.