Flag Day Scavenger Hunt
Directions:  Answer the following questions about Flag Day by clicking on the underlined word.  This will take you to a website to help you find the answer.
1.  Describe our flag.  What do the stars and stripes represent?
2.  Who is believed to have designed our first flag?
3.  Betsy Ross is believed to have sewn the first flag?  What story does she tell about being asked to make the flag?
4.  What happen on June 14, 1777?  What holiday do we celebrate on this date?
5.  Name 2 dates when we should display the flag.
6.  What do the colors of the flag mean?
7.  Between which years was Louisiana added as a star on the flag?
8.  Describe the flag of Louisiana.  When was it adopted and what is the state motto?
9.  Make a 5-point star.  Print the directions, and supplies will be available for you to make the star.
10.  Color this picture of the flag.  Print the flag, and supplies will be available for you to color the flag.