What Happened to Miss Nelson?

Did sharks eat Miss Nelson?  Did she go to Mars?  Did butterflies carry her away? Who knows?
Directions:  Click on the link to find the answer to each question.
1.  How many stages are in the life cycle of a butterfly?________ Name the stages. (Click on the words Life Cycle to find the answer.)
2.  What is another name for the larva stage? the pupa stage? (Click on the words Life Cycle to find the answer.)
3.  What kind of animal is a shark?
4. How many species of sharks are there?
5.  What are sharks’ skeletons made of?
6.  View the picture album by clicking next picture.  Where did the Leopard Shark get its name from?
7. Choose the type of water, food, and habitat for your shark to live in.  Did your sharp stay healthy or get sick?
8. Complete the word find.
9. What is Mars known as?
10. Mars is which planet from the sun?
11. How much would weigh on Mars?  Type in your weight and click on Mars for the answer.