Hatchet Survivor Guide

Click on the links below to discover how to survive certain situations and people who have had to survive dangerous circumstances.



  1. Using the scenario archive and extreme survival guide find the minimum air speed that you must use to land a single engine plane?


  1. Using the same scenario archive and extreme survival guide to help find five items that are not man-made to help build a fire without matches.





Steven Callahan survived seventy-six days at sea.  Answer the following questions about his ordeal on the Atlantic Ocean.


  1. How much food and water did Callahan have after his boat sank?


  1. What nickname did he give his rubber raft?


  1. What did Callahan make or invent to help make fresh water?


  1. How many ships did Callahan watch pass him while drifting on the ocean?





  1. What seven survival basics would someone have to overcome emotionally and physically?





  1. Many teenagers are faced with surviving cancer.  Of the seven survival basics that deal with someone’s emotions, list the emotional issues that cancer patients must deal with as they go through treatment.




  1.  Many different people experience different kinds of survival.  Read the fifth (V.) stanza of this poem and decide what event this person survived