Fraction Scavenger Hunt

Directions:  Click on the link below to find the answers to your Fraction Scavenger Hunt.
1.  What is a fraction?


2.  What is the bottom number of the fraction called?  The top number?


3.  Fractions can be classified in two ways.  What are those two ways?


4.  What is a numerator?  Denominator?


5.  How did the Ancient Egyptians write 2/5?


6.  Using the pie graph at the bottom of the page (it is yellow and green), what part of the pie chart is green? 


7.  What is the first thing to do when adding fractions with unlike denominators?


8.  What is the easiest way to multiply fractions?


9.  When dividing fractions, how should you treat an integer?


10.  Tell me the steps to simplify a fraction?