Character Counts Scavenger Hunt

Directions:  Use the links provided below to answer each question in a complete sentence.  Write the answers on the page provided.

1.  Read the definitions of the character traits and create a sentence with each word.


2.  Which trait do you feel is the most important?  Why?


3.  Read the stories of Lizze and Kristianna.  What character traits do they show?


4.  Have you ever done anything like them? Describe it.


5.  Listen to The Ant and the Dove.  What lesson does it teach?


6.  How does the fable relate to the character traits we have discussed?


7.  What are the traits of a good citizen?


8.  How do the traits of a bad citizen contrast?


9.  How does this web site describe the traits of a good citizen?


10.  Which trait of being a good citizen do you need to work on the most? 

Which one do you already do?


11.  Make a small Venn diagram to compare and contrast the traits of good citizenship from the two web sites from questions 7 and 9.