Hurricane Evacuation Tips and Precautions

DIRECTIONS:  Click on the links of each question to find answers.  Read each site carefully, and write your answers on the answer sheets.


1.  What should you do with a flag before a storm?


2.  Where should you tell your parents not to park their car before a storm?


3.  What should parents fill their cars with before a storm?


4.  Read the third evacuation tip.  Why do you think mapping a route is important?


5.  What can be done to help protect trees from high winds?


6.  How many gallons of water should each person have in a disaster supply kit?


7.  How can people protect their roofs in case of a hurricane?


8.  What can people put on their windows to protect them against flying debris?


9.  Read the first two paragraphs. Why should all downed wires be treated as      energized?


10.  When a hurricane is over, has all danger passed?