American Sign Language

Directions:  Click on the links below to find the answers to the questions.
1.  What year did the standardization of American Sign Language begin?


2.  Who started the first school for the Deaf?


3.  About how many people use ASL in the US today?


4.  Go to the ASL Fingerspelling Converter
    Enter your name to see the fingerspelling of it.

    Challenge:  Take the fingerspelling quiz
    It spells quickly, but it will repeat the word over and over for you. 
    Good luck... itís tough!


5.  About how many signs are there in American Sign Language?


6.  How do you sign THANK YOU?


7.  How do you sign the number 8?


8.  Who is this website dedicated to? 


9.  Go to the ASL Browser.
    Look up three words that are related to our weekly reading selection. 
    Show your neighbor the three words you chose. 
    Explain to them why you chose those words.


10. How many different fonts are available to download from this page?


11. How many could we use on our school computers?


12. Name one of them.