Geometry Web Hunt Angles, Polygons, Circles, and  Sums of Angles




Directions:  Click on the links below to find the answers to the geometry webhunt, writing the answers on your own paper.
1.  What would the radius of a given circle be if the diameter is given as 16.8 cm. ?   Radius ans.
2.  What would be the perimeter of a square fence, if one side of the fence was fifteen feet long? perimeter ans
3.  Kristen has a piece of chocolate in the shape of a trapezoid. What is the area of the chocolate if it is 1.5 inches and 2.0 inches long, and 1.2 inches tall ?     area ans
4.  Joshua must paint the band room floor measuring 18 feet long and 22 feet wide.  How much square feet will Joshua be painting ?  square feet ans
5.  How do you find the diameter of a circle if you are given the radius ?  diameter ans
6.  A triangle has 3 angles whose measures will add up to how many degrees ?  degree ans
7.  Give six names of polygons and how many sides they have.  Each of these polygons must have more than 12 sides.
 polygon ans
8.  What is the meaning of a regular polygon ?   regular ans
9.  How much yellow ribbon does Latasha need to encircle the building that has a radius of 56 feet ?  encircle ans
10.  The interior angles of any pentagon will always add to how many degrees ? interior angle ans
11.  Johnathan is wallpapering the mascot symbol on the gym floor.  How much wallpaper will he need if the circular symbol has a diameter of 16 feet ?    wallpaper ans






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