Famous Explorers

Directions: Click on the links below to find the answers to your Famous Explorers Hunt
1. Who was the second European explorer who discovered North America in 1497?

2. What were the names of the three ships in Christopher Columbus’ fleet?

3.Who was the Portuguese explorer who discovered the Cape of Good Hope?

4. What did Henry Hudson discover in 1570?

5.During Vespucci’s return to Spain, what did he describe in a letter to Lorenza di Pier Francisco de Medici?

6.What is the name of the strait that was founded by Magellan?

7. Who was the explorer who was asked by Francis I to undertake the official exploration of North America?

8.. Who trusted explorer that became an agent of Khubilai Khan?

9.Vasco da Gama was famous for his completion of the first all water trade route between what two countries?

10.During Leif Erikson’s voyage, he sailed off course onto what North American region?