Fast Food Restaurant Scavenger Hunt

Use the Subway website to answer the following questions.             
1.  Who were the founders of Subway?
2.  What company owns the operational business concept and trademark of Subway?

3.  What was the original name of Subway?

4.  In what year was the first Subway sandwich shop franchised?

5.  How many Subway locations are there currently in the United States?
6.  What country ranks second in the number of subway locations?  Third? 
7.  How many Subways are in each of these countries?
8.  What age group does Subway target through its national advertising?
9.  How much are the franchise fee and start-up costs of Subway?
10.What are the basic royalty and advertising royalty of a Subway franchise?
Use the Wendy's website to answer the following questions.             
1.  Who was the founder of Wendy’s?
2.  In what city and state was the first Wendy’s restaurant located?
3.  Wendy's second restaurant had a unique feature never before used in the quick-service restaurant industry.  What was this feature?

4.  When Wendy's had its first public stock offering, what was the price per share of Wendy's stock?

5.  In October of 1990, President bush asked Dave Thomas to become the spokesperson for what national initiative?
6.  What significant event took place in Dave Thomas's life in March of 1993?
7.  Why was the event mentioned above so important to him?
8.  Why was the Wendy's High School Heisman program created?
Use the Chick-Fil-A website to answer the following questions.        
1.  Who founded Chick-Fil-A?
2.  In what city and state was the first freestanding Chick-Fil-A restaurant built?
3.  For what reasons are all Chick-Fil-A restaurants closed on Sundays?
4.  In what year did the first Chick-Fil-A in-mall restaurant?  In what city?
5.  What are the eligibility requirements for the Leadership Scholarship program offered by Chick-Fil-A?
6.  What award-winning advertising campaign has become synonymous with Chick-Fil-A?

7.  What college football bowl game is sponsored by Chick-Fil-A?

Use the Taco Bell website to answer the following questions.                
1.  Who founded Taco Bell?

2.  What is the name of the Fortune 300 company that operates Taco Bell?

3.  What other 4 restaurants are operated by the same company as Taco Bell?

4.  In what year was the Taco Bell Foundation established?
5.  What organization is the Taco Bell Foundation's TEENSupreme program associated with?
6.  What facility did Taco Bell develop in Santa Ana, California, as a community-wide resource for science, math, and technology?
7.  In what year was Taco Bell's website established?
Use the Burger King website to answer the following questions.             
1.  Where was the first Burger King restaurant located?

2.  What was the original price of a Whopper when it was first introduced at Burger King?

3.  In what year did Burger King add drive-thru service at its restaurants?

4.  In what year was the “Have It Your Way” advertising campaign created?
5.  What is the purpose of the Burger King Academies?
6.  In what year did Burger King accomplish the goal of having a restaurant in all 50 states?
7.  In 1973, what was added to Burger King's hamburger buns that had not been used previously?