1. Fold one sheet of paper in half like a "hamburger" and crease.

2. Open and fold in half in the other direction like a "hot dog" line up the creases but DON'T fold.
    3. From the folded edge, cut down the crease until you get about 1" from the edge of the paper.

4. Take three of four more sheets of paper and fold in half like a "hamburger" and crease.
    5. Cut a slit at the bottom and top of the paper along the crease for about 1".

6. Now take the three or four sheets with the two little slits and roll them up and slide them through the sheet with the big slit in the center.

7. Open up the sheets and match the slits up until the pages lie flat.

8. Fold and crease.. the finished slit book  stays together without staples.

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