These Peek-Over Books are PowerPoint templates. Students should right click and "Save Target As". Now save and , open the file, click and drag over the text and type the story. On the second slide, use Word Art for the Title of your Peek-Over Book. Print, cut out and fold the bottom of your story up to the the top and tuck it under the hands where you've cut two slits. Another option is to print the Peek-Over Book on card stock and then go to Kidspiration Writing View and type your story.... print it, cut it out and staple it to the bottom. This will allow you to have a story that is several pages long.
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Boy Peek-Over Bunny Peek-Over Cat Peek-Over Chick Peek-Over
Clown Peek-Over Dracula Peek-Over Elf Peek-Over Frog Peek-Over
Ghost Peek-Over Grandmother Peek-Over Groundhog Peek-Over Lion Peek-Over
Monkey Peek-Over Mother Peek-Over Panda Peek-Over Patriotic Peek-Over
Rudolph Peek-Over Santa Peek-Over Snowman Peek-Over Turkey Peek-Over
Valentine's Day - Boy Peek-Over Valentine's Day - Girl Peek-Over    

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