Click here to download The Grouchy Ladybug Literature pocket label. (PowerPoint file.)
Remember... the best way to download any of the files on this page is to right click on the link, then choose "Save Target As." Now decide where on your computer you want to save the file, and then click "Save." AFTER you have saved it to your computer then double click to open the file. You must have the program that the file is made in to be able to open it. For example, if it is the Kidspiration Story Map you must have Kidspiration on your computer.
Click here to download author / illustrator Eric Carle's bookmark. (PowerPoint file)
The Official Eric Carle Website Eric Carle, author and illustrator
Eric Carle Author Study
Students should make a ladybug clock, and use it to solve word problems as well as practice telling time. Click here to download the ladybug clock pattern (PowerPoint file) or the click here for the pdf file of the clock. Move the hands of the clock to reflect the times listed in The Grouchy Ladybug. Review ways to express the passage of time, include terms such as "past," "after," "before," and "till." Review the meaning of A.M. and P.M. Set a timer to ring at regular intervals. Children set their ladybug clocks to match the real clock, express the time verbally and then write the time as it would be on a digital clock.
The Grouchy Ladybug is an excellent addition to a unit on feelings. Click to download this Kidspiration Template to make a class list of things that make the students feel grouchy. Now brainstorm a list of ways to overcome grouchiness and be happy. If you use this Kidspiration template as an individual or partner project at the computer center the students could write a sentences about that grouchy/happy feeling. Or you could encourage students to refer to the Kidspiration concept map as they write and illustrate stories in which the main characters become grouchy and then overcome their grouchy feelings.
Ladybug Wind Sock - Ladybug, Ladybug! Please dance and twirl in the wind! This adorable project, made from a pair of ladybug designs, is sure to delight your students. For each windsock you need:

Construction paper as follows:

  • two 10" red circles (body)
  • two 10" black circles (body)
  • two 4 1/2" x 6" stirps of black (dots)
  • two 6" black circles (head)
  • four 3" x 4" strips of black (antennae)
  • four 2" black circles (eyes)
  • four 3" yellow circles (eyes)
  • one 9" x12" sheet of black

Other supplies:

  • six 2 foot black crepe-paper streamers
  • 4 foot length of yarn for hanging
  • hole puncher
  • scissors
  • glue

To make two bodies:
  1. Cut a pie wedge from one red circle.
  2. Glue the red circle on top of the 10" black circle.
  3. Cut several small circles from a 4 1/2" x 6" strip of black paper. Glue these cutouts to the red circle.
  4. Repeat steps one through three for the second body.
To make two heads:
  1. Stack together two 3" x 4" strips of black paper and cut out two antennae shapes.
  2. Glue the antennae shpes to a six-inch black circle.
  3. For eyes, glue two of the 2" black circles to two yellow circles.
  4. Glue the resulting eyes on the ladybug's head.
  5. Repeat steps one through four to make the second head.
To complete the project:
  1. Glue each completed head to a completed body.
  2. Glue the six crepe-paper streamers to a long edge of the 9" x 12" sheet of black paper: then roll the paper into a cylinder and glue.
  3. Glue the cylinder between the two ladybug projects.
  4. Punch two holes near the top and on opposite sides of the cylinder. Thread one yarn end through the holes and knot it so that one end of the yarn can be used to suspend the project.
  5. Center the yarn between the antennae and glue the top part of each pair of eyes together.
The Grouchy Ladybug Accordion Book - Click here to download the cover, back page, author page, and lined pages for writing the story of the grouchy ladybug. Students should write their own version of different people or animals that the Grouchy Ladybugs tries to pick a fight with and what happens. To make the accordian book cut a piece of chart paper
The Ladybug Glyph - Focus on children's curiosity about insects with this Ladybug Glyph. Click here to download the Ladybug Glyph Questions (Microsoft Word Document). Have children answer these survey questions regarding their feelings about bugs and their experience with them. Now create the Ladybug Glyph is using Kid Pix. Download the KidPix3 file for the Ladybug Glyph. Once students finish the basic glyph, they should print and display so that others can interpret their answers.
Ladybugs at Enchanted Learning - make a costume, puppet, egg carton...learn about the life cycle, find out about ladybug diets, anatomy, habitat, trips on the Space Shuttle, and much much more!!! Gather as many facts as you can on ladybugs and do three KidPix slides with your information. Add your slides to the class KidPix slide show on Ladybugs.

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Graphing Insects - Use Graph Club 2.0 and graph the results of the classes favorite insects.
picture graph
circle graph
Insect Scavenger Hunt - Together with your learning partner, see how many of the questions you can answer about Insects.
Insect Cluebox- Download the Insect cluebox (PPT) and personalize it with your name. Cut it out, glue it together and fill it full of clues about your insect. Now trade Insect Clueboxes with your learning partner and see if you can guess each other's insect.
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