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The Ants Go Marching In - Lesson Plans The Bug Club for Young Entomologists 
Antlion Pit - Doodlebugs Ants
Ants - Organized Insects
Bee Alert! - Kids 
Bees and Honey
Bees: A Partnership with Flowers
Beneficial Insects
The Bug Hunters
Bumble Bees 
Butterfly Collection at Field Museum
Butterfly Pavilion
The Butterfly Website
Cicadas: Noisiest of All
Coleoptera - Beetles
Discovery Online - Ants
Dr. Don's Termite Pages
Dragonfly Pages

Entomology for Beginners
Firefly Files
Fireflies Light Up Our Nights
Grasshoppers - Expert High Jumpers

Life Cycle of the Butterfly Activities
How Insects See the World 
Insect Collections
Insect Printouts
Insect Sounds
Insect Superstitions & Folklore
The Insects Homepage
Insects Providing Vital Services
 Intelligent Life
Journey North 2000
Lanakids - I Want to Suck Your Blood
Life Cycle of the Butterfly
Life Cycle of Butterfly Lesson Plan

Life Cycle - Monarch Butterfly
Living Edens - Insects
Minibeast World of Insects and Spiders
Monarch Butterfly and Milkweed
Monarch Watch
Menacing Mosquitoes
Most Wanted Bugs
Mystery of the Monarchs
Nanoworld Image Gallery
Nectar Plants and Their Visitors
Nova Online: Creepy Crawlies
Orkin's Insect Zoo 
Play "Bugs" Game
Sound Links - Insects
Spider Conservation
Spiders-Highly Efficient Fly Swatters
Spiders - Lesson Plans
Spiders In and Around the House
Spiders-We're Not Insects
State Insects of the US
Katerpillars-Mystery Bugs
Kentucky Dept. Entomology
Bugfood III

Very Cool Bugs 
Virtual Insects

Walking Sticks - Camouflage at it's Best

WebQuest- Monarchs

Antboy's Bugworld

Welcome to the Butterfly Farm

Wings on the Wind

Yucky Bug World


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