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TrackStar directions

LA Jeopardy

Looping PPT

LA Jeopardy

Jeopardy - blank

BatonRouge Jeopardy

Jeopardy 28 ?s

Jeopardy 15 ?s

Jeopardy 25 ?s

Petit Rouge

LA Drag & Drop

It's About Time

LA Show

K12 Tech Standards

NETS for Students

NETS for Teachers

NETS for Admin

Tech Rubric Students

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Electronic Chalkboard is running with information for Day 5 Morning Activities.
Attention signal for today is "Oh, when the Saints..." and you respond "...Go Marching In!"
Morning Routines and Procedures:
Daily Journal writing and sharing
E-mail assignments
Question of the Day
Super Speller Activity
Day Five Journal:
Day Five Journal Writing Prompt:
What specific areas would you like TPSS Instructional Technology Department to focus on? Give us some feedback as to the wants and needs for you as an educator and the students of our district.
Journal Writing in MICROSOFT WORD. “Thoughts from Louisiana”. Click Journal Template button (Word) at the top left.
E-Mail Assignment:
Check your Tangischools email account on the Internet and Reply to the E-mail Assignment Day 5.
Question of the Day:
What does laissez les bons temps rouler mean? If you aren't sure... check here on the Internet.
Graphs for Day Five:
None for today!
Weather Watch:
You have the day off!
Super Speller Activity:
“Creating a Sign in Microsoft Word” (word)
Follow the directions for your spelling assignment for today. Once you have completed it and have five punches on your Super Speller card, go to one of the experts and they will give you a prize for all your hard work in Louisiana spelling.
Formatting Bullets (word)
One of the most common questions we get is.."How do you make those cute computer bullets that are on our lesson plan template?" Click here for step-by-step directions for formatting bullets. (word)
TrackStar Activity
You will use the five websites you have found and put into your First Draft Worksheet for Trackstar...to create a “Track Star” on your specific topic or subject.
Click here for step-by-step directions. (word)
Techie Time with WORD, copy and paste from the Internet to Word  and from Word to the Internet. Spell check your Word document before entering the information into the TrackStar.
Don’t forget to E-mail me your Track when it is completed. I will put it on the TPSS website “TrackStar by Tangi Teachers.”
PowerPoint for all Times
PowerPoint can be used for many things in their classroom and can easily be integrated into all subject areas. Looping PowerPoint presentations are great techniques for visual posting in the classroom.
"Introduction to the Internet" PowerPoint created by Amber Gardner, Denise Grigas, and Cathy Tricou from Tucker Elementary.
Louisiana Jeopardy Game (ppt) is a perfect review at the end of your unit on Louisiana. Here are some more Jeopardy games for you to use with your students:
Blank Jeopardy Template - fill in your own questions and answers.
Baton Rouge Jeopardy game
Jeopardy Template (28 questions & answers)
Jeopardy Quiz Time Template (15 questions & answers)
Jeopardy Quiz Time Template (25 questions & answers)

What a Wonderful World Music Book (ppt) is an example of what we call a "Music Book"... Take a favorite song, and give each child a line of the lyrics to illustrate. Students then scan their drawings and import into a PowerPoint presentation and set to music. The slides of artwork "flip" as the song plays and the students sing.
Petit Rouge Riding Hood by Mike Artell is one of my favorite Louisiana stories. Use PowerPoint to "read the book" to the class.
It's About Time - move the hands on the PowerPoint slide to demonstrate telling time.
Louisiana Show - photographic scenes from the Bayou State.
Louisiana Drag and Drop - use PowerPoint to spell Louisiana vocabulary words.
PowerPoint Tutorials
PowerPoint Tutorials on the Internet at http://www.vickiblackwell.com/ppt.html or http://www.vickiblackwell.com/ppt1.html or http://www.vickiblackwell.com/ppt2.html

PowerPoint Basic skills directions

Create a Looping PowerPoint & LA PowerPoint
The looping PowerPoint template that you create can be used over and over with spelling words, vocabulary words, math facts, etc.
The Louisiana PowerPoint is the type that you would use in a teacher directed whole group lesson. This Louisiana PowerPoint should have the following components:
 - Five slides with facts or information about Louisiana
 - Use the PowerPoint skills you've learned earlier in TangiTech
 - Slides should have transitions
 - At least one Word Art
 - At least one graphic per slide from TangiTech CD or MS clipart
Technology Standards
Louisiana K12 Technology Standards (word)
NETS for Teachers (National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (Internet)
NETS for Students (National Educational Technology Standards for Students (Internet)
NETS for Administrators (National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (Internet)
Tangipahoa Parish Technology Skills Rubric for Students (word)
Tangipahoa Parish Technology Skills Rubric for Teachers (word)
Lagniappe Activities and Information:
Visit the Microsoft Education Homepage to find a wealth of materials for educators.
SchoolNotes.com is a great place on the Internet for home/school communication through the Internet.
Ode to Spell Checker (word) the reason that we have to use our brains as well as Spell Check :)
Recipe for a Cajun Accent (word)
A Cajun Glossary and Pronunciation Guide

Louisiana Trivia  PowerPoint

Learning About Louisiana Native Americans by the LSU Museum of Natural Science (pdf)

Brain Check and Homework:

1. Complete Post Assessment
2. Complete Online Evaluation

3. "Graduation Ceremonies"
Make sure one copy of all printed work is filed in folder box and you have checked off completed activities on the clipboard by the file box. Collect supplies, and bring computers back to desktops.

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