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School Websites

Take some time to visit other school/class websites to find elements that you would like to include in your WebPages. Some of these are great and some are examples of things you  DON'T want to do on your classroom website.

bullet Education World presents a weekly award called the "Cool School" award. It's an excellent place to find quality school/class WebPages.
bulletWeb66 maintains the Internet's oldest and most complete list of school web servers. 
bulletClassroom Connect's Connected Teacher Hotlist of K-12 Internet School Sites in the US. Click on a state on the map and find a listing of school sites that have been registered with Classroom Connect.

Loogootee Elementary West
Tangipahoa Parish Schools
Clark Middle School
Pocantico Hills School

Fairland Elementary School
Austin Middle School
Mrs. Bogucki's Third Grade Class
H.H. Beam Elementary School

Sir Francis Drake High School
Fayette County Public Schools
Minnetonka Public Schools
Mrs. Silverman's Webfolio

Kenston High School
Gotha Middle School
Henry Suder School

Mr. Roemer's 5th Grade Polar Bears

Mr. Sanders' Class Page
Minot Public Schools
King Middle Grade School
Mr. Williams 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Michaelsen's Third Grade
Mrs. Dowling's Virtual Classroom
North Canton City Schools
Mrs. Franz at Sunnyside School

2K Richards Elementary
Mrs. Seagraves' Class
Clinton's Second
Mrs. Ingram's Kindergarten Class

Cool Classroom Webpages
Owl Prowl by Mrs. Silverman's Class
Thomas Intermediate School

Mrs. Newton's First Grade

Pleasant Grove Elementary
Schools Online
Buckman Elementary
Spartanburg County Schools

Class Webpages
Georgia O'Keefe Elementary
McGehee Elementary
Birdville Elementary
Mrs. Underwood's Home Page
Walter Johnson High School
Washington Intermediate School
WebTech Class Home Pages

Bellingham Public Schools
Mrs. Comeau's Class Homepage
Mrs. Davis's Class homepage
Washington Schools Classroom Pages

Mrs. Crockett's Third Grade Class
First Grade Friends-Perkins 1st
Highland Park Elementary
Greentown Elementary

Mr. Lambert's HomePage
Mr. Leahy's Class
Mrs. Carter's HomePage
Mrs. McGowan's 1st Grade

Mrs. Perez's Classroom
Mrs. Taverna's Page
Sabine Parish Schools
Alexandria Central Schools - The Cove

Bel Aire School
Mrs. Perez's Classroom
Mrs. Renz's Fourth Grade Class
Mrs. Harper's Class Page

Mrs. Bee's Busy Classroom
Mrs. Gomez's Second Grade Class
Mrs. Quintero's Classroom Website
Mrs. Hall's 1st Grade

Mrs. Ross's First Grade
Perry Elementary School
Planet 5th
Sabine Parish Schools
Mrs. Lowe's Class


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